RDI Systems


RDI Refrigeration is a high quality brand of refrigeration systems that has the privilege of being included in the prestigious Manitowoc family.  RDI is committed to providing the most energy efficient refrigeration systems in the industry.  It has a 1 year parts and labor warranty (the best in the industry) with the following additional benefits:

  • Full refrigerant charged condensers up to a 50 ft. run
  • Weather proof housing standard
  • Built to work without losing performance up to 120 degrees
  • Over-sized condenser coil and fan blade to use less energy with less run time needed to hold temperature
  • Outdoor low ambient controls, Fan Cycle switch standard.
  • Digital temperature control mounted standard on evaporators.
  • Oversized Receiver, Drier, Sight Glass, solenoid and expansion valve (on evaporator coils) all pre-installed.
  • Choice of air or electric defrost
  • Time Clock shipped loose (medium and low temperature as well)
  • Compressor is available with optional 4-year part warranty for a total of 5 years.
  • Available in Single or 3 Phase